Temperature Monitoring System

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Temperature Monitoring System (TMS)

Worried about your precious samples? A brilliant solution is coming your way! We give you a complete peace of mind with our superb Temperature Monitoring System (TMS) 24/7 monitoring is now made possible!

TMS is a temperature monitoring system capable of monitoring numerous channels (up to 250 channels) with 24/7 operation. In the event of power failure or any change in temperature, users will get instant updates via SMS or Email alerts.

TMS uses the latest development in wireless technologies; utilizing different wave length range to transmit signals. Therefore, it is not dependent on Wi-Fi or other wireless equipment and interference will not occur.

Main Features:

  • Advance monitoring system
  • Design comply fda cfr 21
  • Auto data back up
  • Real-time graphical display
  • Complete temperature monitoring solution
  • Various option of alarm
  • Control & power administration
  • Well design interface